Visit Scotland and Enjoy 

 Speaking English

Travel opens our mind, spending a holiday in Scotland to improve your English is the perfect opportunity when you have the support of someone who invests as much as you do in making sure you have a fabulous holiday seeing the best of Scotland but using the time to take your language to the next level. People can spend time in an English-speaking country at a language school going to class every day to improve their English but be frightened to go outside of the class and speak to the local people. Language is not a subject to be studied, it’s a skill to be practiced and used, and having a reason and opportunities to communicate is a gift to us all.


When we go on holiday there’s nothing more exciting than boarding the plane, the adventure awaits, travelling into the unknown. Some forward planning is good to whet the appetite for what is to come, too much and we can lose that sense of freedom of going to a place that holds no restrictions, the daily grind of our day to day life is behind us for a short time. We Escape to new experiences, a new world, a new culture and people, the majesty of mother nature from another birthplace. We can learn about people in other parts of the world. It’s a gift to be able to go and meet them in person, smell their air, feel their sun, their wind, their rain, walk on their land, taste their food, feel the warmth of their smile, and hear the interested tone in their voice directed at you.


The anticipation of the holiday is sometimes that can excite us for months only to be over in the blink of an eye. Have you ever arrived home and met someone who has been to the same place as you and as you trade stories, you realise you missed something magical? We all know that in only a couple of weeks we won’t see all there is to see of a new part of the world, and we have to make choices, and I’ve often thought I wish I knew someone who could give me the shortcuts to being able to fit more in and what is it that I really must see? The tourist centres give you lots of information about all the great places that tourists go but it’s not the same as having someone dedicated to spending time with you to give you the best experience and take you to see the hidden gems, not on the map. There is something reassuring about knowing someone else will make sure you do not miss anything really special.


On an adventure in Scotland, with many opportunities to expand your skills in English, we will help to

make your experience a magical one that will have you smiling all the way home on the plane excited to have a part of Scotland in your heart to take with you and treasure forever.

As someone who loves and appreciates all the beauty of Scotland I want to make sure people from other countries get to experience all that is unique and thrilling about this part of the world that I was born and brought up in. 

We offer something different that is adaptable, whether a groups’ focus is a holiday to improve their English skills or improving their English while on holiday, the difference might be subtle but it’s an important one, We always go the extra mile to give you more of exactly what you want.

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We offer English Language coaching to suit your needs organised in blocks of 4,8 or 12 weeks. Send us an email or call and we'll arrange to meet either by skype or in person if possible. We'll spend some time chatting with no obligation, and discuss how We can help you. We want to help you succeed and achieve your goals. Contact me now and take the first step to the future you deserve.



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