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Traditional methods of teaching do not work for many people learning a language. You may have been frustrated in the past by not having the results and success you would like from the time and effort you have invested.


When you work with me it is completely different. As a trained and certified Professional Neurolanguage Coach ®, I meet you exactly where you are in your abilities and skills in English, and together, we create a way forward for you to reach the next level.

Learning is easier, more enjoyable, and faster!


Coaching brings:

Ø Brain friendly communication, creating a learning environment that lets you excel.

Ø Goal setting, action setting, and goal reviews that let you know you are making progress.

Ø Attention to motivation, commitment, and time management that lets you stay invested in becoming a confident speaker of English.

Ø Accountability that lets you feel there is always someone supporting you 100%.


Neuroscience brings:

Ø An understanding of the unique way in which our brains function that encourages the coach and coachee to find ways that make learning easier for the individual.

Ø An awareness of the effects of stress on our ability to learn so that we are always striving to create optimal learning states for the most effective learning to happen.

Ø Increasing science-backed knowledge of the most effective methods of learning to get you faster results.


Do you think language coaching could work for you?

If so, I’d love to hear from you!

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