With a background in psychology, experience in accounting, I am a certified Neurolanguage Coach®, with a CELTA teaching qualification that allows me to offer you online or in person coaching with a creative and innovative learning method that will give you a tremendous advantage in acquiring the skills you need to use the English language.  I am currently based in Glasgow, Scotland. 


  My own experience of being a lifelong learner and maintaining a growth mindset has allowed me to embrace each new chapter of my life with a willingness to always do my best and become the best version of myself so I can contribute to the lives of other people. With ongoing formal education, working life and taking time out to raise a family, I have found discipline and commitment, to achieve many goals.


Through my love of the English language and love of communicating in a positive and life-affirming way, I set up Love4Language to help people see that learning English, using a student-centered approach instead of a book or course centered approach can make the process much more enjoyable, and achievable. 38% of people who start a course to learn English give up. Traditional methods of language learning have been shown to hold people back. With the right motivation and methodology, coupled with the relentless support a coach can give you, you can get the power and drive you need to fulfill your full potential.


 English is the common international language for communicating, in business, air traffic control, and the internet. There are almost 2 billion people using English and three-quarters of them are non-native speakers, so chances are that if like me travelling is a passion, wherever you are in the world you might be able to share a moment with a local who has a few words of English. More than anything else as humans we want to connect with each other, and a common language helps us do that. Empowering people to improve their ability to connect with and have more understanding of other people in the world is the joy of doing what I do.

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We offer English Language coaching to suit your needs organised in blocks of 4,8 or 12 weeks. Send us an email or call and we'll arrange to meet either by skype or in person if possible. We'll spend some time chatting with no obligation, and discuss how We can help you. We want to help you succeed and achieve your goals. Contact me now and take the first step to the future you deserve.



Tel:  +44 0794 837 9691