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With a background in psychology, experience in accounting, I am a certified Neurolanguage Coach®, with a CELTA teaching qualification that allows me to offer you online or in-person coaching with a creative and innovative learning method that will give you a tremendous advantage in acquiring the skills you need to use the English language.  I am currently based in Glasgow, Scotland. 

 My own experience of being a lifelong learner and maintaining a growth mindset has allowed me to embrace each new chapter of my life with a willingness to always do my best and become the best version of myself so I can contribute to the lives of other people. With ongoing formal education, working life, and taking time out to raise a family, I have found discipline and commitment, to achieve many goals.


But my personal experience with learning languages had left me feeling that there was always something missing that I never reached the point of becoming a confident speaker in German, French, or Spanish. 38% of people who start a course to learn English give up. Traditional methods of language learning have been shown to hold people back.

So when I set up Love4Language I knew I wanted to do things differently. I wanted to make it easier for students to continue on their language journey and become confident speakers of English. And I'm very happy to say I am using everything I have learned to become a confident Arabic speaker with my own neurolangauge coach ®


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